Spring is on its way

Well I always go into hibernation mode during the winter months, it seems like a long long drag of cold, wet and dreary and this time storm after storm to give some erm excitement. Although we are on top of a hill we were flooded from the farmlands at the back of the house, just sheer volume of ground water. Fortunately the previous owner had put in extra drainage or the water would have been in rather than carrying on its merry way. A very interesting first winter in our new house.
But just to try and move on from that we have had a couple of beautiful but cold days where we could do some damage control in the garden and around the chicks coop..they certainly appreciated the break in the weather!!
I know lots are still struggling with the water damage and even the water in their properties and I sincerely hope you are getting through this very trying time. Sending love and blessing to you all!!

In the meantime the toilet roll panic is ramping up – please people concentrate on washing those hands and the best thing is good old soap and water. Have you tried the paper soaps we have that fit wonderfully into a pocket or bag..go on have a look see.
Please take care of yourself and each other
Wendy and Hare xxx

Twitter competition!!

Heads up!
We are currently running a give away competition on Twitter – @thehareshandbag
all you need to do is find the giveaway on the pinned post and follow the steps to join in and you could win a wonderful Himalayan Salt Lamp…what’re you waiting for 😀

All Hare’s idea obviously!!

Special offers

This week only our beautiful must have silk Scarves are on sale for £10 only – perfect gift for any occasions!!
These scarves are hand woven and absolute beauties – go see for yourself!!
Wendy and Hare xx

Rose quartz

I very much love Rose quartz, its beauty always looks and feels good and knowing the deeper meaning and uses for it makes it a stone worth owning
Rose quartz is a beautiful pink stone, its healing properties are centered in spiritual matters of the heart.
Rose quartz stone vibrations reach deep within the body to dispel feelings of despair associated with death and bring out feelings of happiness and longevity.
Rose quartz powers discourage feelings of anger, fear, resentment and suspicion, opening the body to healing light. Pink quartz gemstones bring feelings of hope and restore faith in a benevolent universe.
Rose quartz meaning in Divination says to forgive yourself for mistakes you have made in the past and refuse to allow others to put the blame you in order to compensate for their inadequacies.

Rose quartz properties reduce stress and tension, help to stabilize an irregular heart beat and reduce skipped heartbeats and palpitations. The gemstones can be beneficial for premature babies and young children.

Rose quartz benefits extend to skin problems and many others

Have a look at our rose quartz power bracelet

Rose Quartz Power Bracelet

coming soon rose quartz tumble stone

for more information on this amazing stone please visit

Moving on

Hello there
well you may or may not be wondering why we have been so quiet these last few very very hectic months – well in short we found out February we had to move house and then came the whole circus of finding the ‘right’ house, packing up and buying which came with a whole slew of issues. But hey we got here in the end and after a month of waiting for internet services we are now up and running again – a bit of settling in and off we go…
looking forward to sharing Hare’s adventures with you all
Wendy and Hare xx

Happy Birthday Hare!!

Today is the 2 year birthday of the Hare’s Handbag – we’ve had ups and downs, illness and catastrophes but here we are and we want to say Thank you to our lovely customers for all your support!!
Much love
Wendy and Hare xxx


As we all know looking after the environment has become not just the right thing to do but the only thing thats going to save this planet!! Just taking one step at a time makes a difference and one step a day make a huge difference – working together is the way to go.

When I set up The Hare’s Handbag I made a conscious decision to try and be environmental conscious and make steps to reduce as much waste as possible, that in mind my first choice of packaging is always to reuse what comes to me in deliveries, including boxes and packaging.
Hey it may not be pretty but as long as its safe and fit for purpose out it goes.
Packaging I buy is cardboard boxes, shredded paper and for the breakables I use green eco friendly bubbly wrap…small steps in the right direction. Nowhere near enough but the more I do the more I learn and thats always a good thing right?

As I add more stock I am looking for the eco friendly options as much as I can

won’t you join us?

Wendy and Hare xxxx

News update!!

Keep your eyes peeled for some exciting new products coming soon.
We also have some very talented crafters coming on board to offer bespoke handmade items to tempt you 🙂
Finally a new section is being added for magical, mystical and beautiful items…watch this space

Wendy and Hare xxx

Busy little bees…

Today I’m busy busy busy!!
I’m going to be attending some trade/craft fairs so have started preparations.
Today’s efforts are a unique The Hare’s Handbag keyrings made with Tibetan silver charms….hope you like!!

Time to get a beat on

Always helps when you play some music whilst you work..at the moment I’m playing meatloaf but had new age music on earlier. As long as it makes you feel good and get on its all a good thing!!
Today I’ve been finishing off some hand made fridge magnets that I’ve made for an online charity auction. Think some may make their way on here too – they’re all sparkly and pretty..I don’t often find the time to craft but I do find it relaxing after a stressful few weeks 🙂
On a good note I’ve received a message from Hare telling me of some beautiful new items sourced and coming soon..how exciting xxx