Beautiful things!!

We all love beautiful things don’t we..especially as a suprise gift in the post!!
My lovely friend Kerrie makes lots and lots of items which you can look at on her Facebook page
and last week sent me a beautiful recipe book which I think is too pretty to use…but I will 🙂
Kerrie makes lots of different things and you want them all…but especially her bespoke card craft. Pop along to her page and have a look for yourself.

In the meantime I will keep admiring my book and trying to talk Kerrie into making some items for THH 😀

Wendy and Hare xxx

Rusted but working!!

Well I’m back from my jollies in the very beautiful but incredibly wet West Wales. We managed one day of sunshine, a lot of overcast and rainy days. But here I am and back at it…is it time for C stock yet. I won’t say the word or it will be here tomorrow!!

Wendy and Hare xx


Well I’m jetting off on Saturday to sunnier climes!! When I say jetting I actually mean being driven and when I say sunnier climes I mean Wales…but I have a hot tub 🙂
It does mean that any orders between the 12 August 17 until the 19 August 17 will not be actioned until the 21st August..
If you are holidaying too Enjoy and if you are at home with the kiddies take deep breaths – we are half way through xxx