As we all know looking after the environment has become not just the right thing to do but the only thing thats going to save this planet!! Just taking one step at a time makes a difference and one step a day make a huge difference – working together is the way to go.

When I set up The Hare’s Handbag I made a conscious decision to try and be environmental conscious and make steps to reduce as much waste as possible, that in mind my first choice of packaging is always to reuse what comes to me in deliveries, including boxes and packaging.
Hey it may not be pretty but as long as its safe and fit for purpose out it goes.
Packaging I buy is cardboard boxes, shredded paper and for the breakables I use green eco friendly bubbly wrap…small steps in the right direction. Nowhere near enough but the more I do the more I learn and thats always a good thing right?

As I add more stock I am looking for the eco friendly options as much as I can

won’t you join us?

Wendy and Hare xxxx