Spring is on its way

Well I always go into hibernation mode during the winter months, it seems like a long long drag of cold, wet and dreary and this time storm after storm to give some erm excitement. Although we are on top of a hill we were flooded from the farmlands at the back of the house, just sheer volume of ground water. Fortunately the previous owner had put in extra drainage or the water would have been in rather than carrying on its merry way. A very interesting first winter in our new house.
But just to try and move on from that we have had a couple of beautiful but cold days where we could do some damage control in the garden and around the chicks coop..they certainly appreciated the break in the weather!!
I know lots are still struggling with the water damage and even the water in their properties and I sincerely hope you are getting through this very trying time. Sending love and blessing to you all!!

In the meantime the toilet roll panic is ramping up – please people concentrate on washing those hands and the best thing is good old soap and water. Have you tried the paper soaps we have that fit wonderfully into a pocket or bag..go on have a look see.
Please take care of yourself and each other
Wendy and Hare xxx